No option to accept event/meeting

When I receive an invite to a meeting/event that I am invited to, I receive the email but there is no option to accept the invite. The meeting shows saying that I am not an attendee, when I know that the creator has set me to be a required attendee.

Where do I go to be able to accept/reject meeting invites?

I’m having to open Outlook to accept meeting invites then create the meeting myself in eM Client.

I’m using client v7.1.33101.0 on Windows 10. Only seems to be on invites from Outlook users.

Is the invite sent to an address that is forwarded to the one you are using in eM Client?

It’s straight to that address and even says that I’m a ‘required attendee’ on the invite.

Not sure Sam. It may be an MS Outlook thing, but I can’t say as I don’t know that application enough to comment on how it sends out the invitations.  Maybe someone else will comment.