No More Updates Please!!!!!

Anyway I can go back to the version before the update? The updates are just screwing things up. The program was much better before the so called updates.

Hello, I am sorry, but downgrading version is not possible because of changes in database files. Can you please tell us the list of problems you have with the new version (I presume you mean transition from version 2.7 to 3.0), because we fixed a huge number of bugs and issues in version 3.0 and we are not aware that there are some major issues in v. 3.0.

I have to apologize a head of time as this will be difficult to read.
there are a host of use-ability issues with version 3. window opens half off screen, and users with 32 bit version are having periodic troubles downloading messages (actually sometimes happens in a 64 bit environment as well). the program advertises it self unceremoniously. clicking in an email to move the cursor to the end of the line does not move the cursor (really bizarre behavior). A brief review of the forum will show the product appears to be getting increasingly non-user friendly. The UI needs serious attention. I understand that a lot of bugs were fixed and from the companies perspective they were necessary and high priority issues; however from a email software user’s position they were not what needed fixin’.

I am using a 64 bit environment. em client was working much better before the last update. bill.mcevoy, thanks for laying out the issues.