No mails or mail folders after upgrade to v9

Hello everyone, after many years of being a perfectly happy eM Client user (v5) I have been forced to upgrade because Google no longer accepts standard password authorisation, which means I can no longer use my Gmail accounts in v5.

After paying for and installing the upgrade, my accounts, settings and contacts have appeared in v9 BUT all the local mail folders and their contents are gone.

These are my settings, and the things I have tried so far:

  • local folders are enabled
  • the storage location is the same as before, and all the data is in the folder
  • I have tried creating a new storage folder and copying all the files across, but to no avail
  • I have uninstalled v9, reinstalled v5 and made an eM Client backup, which I then imported into v9. It takes several minutes to import, but in the end still no folders or emails appear

Can anyone help me with this? What could the problem be? Is there something fundamentally incompatible between v5 and v9?

Thanks in advance!

Still trying to fix this. Here is an update:

After going back an forth between v5 and v9, I have realised that the “local folders” are irrelevant, they were not active in v5 either.

What seems to be missing are the Inbox folders for the three active accounts I have in eM Client. However, if in Settings I activate “Show Inboxes Folder” it does not have any effect. If I activate “Show Favourite Folders”, the folders “All Inboxes”, “Unread”, and “Flagged” appear, and from what I can tell it looks like all or most of the emails are in there. So v9 is reading the database, but I cannot work out how to restore the folder tree built up over many years.

In v5, under Accounts, there is a setting called “enable account”. This seems to be no longer available in v9 (or I can´t find it), but it almost looks as if that after the upgrade, my accounts are not “enabled” for some reason. Could that be the problem?

Any suggestions …?

If the messages are showing in any of the Favorites folders, then they are there in eM Client.

Below the Favorites, are the account folders.
There will be an arrow next to each folder. If it is a right pointing arrow, there are collapsed folders. Click on the arrow to expand them, or right-click on any folder and choose Expand all.

If you have a More folder, they may also be inside there.

The function to enable/disable accounts ended with version 6.

Hello Gary

Thank you for your reply. There are no account folders under the Favourites folder. No More folder either.

I have now realised that the emails appearing in the Favourites are only the messages that were in the inboxes of each account, not the messages that I had stored in folders (which are all subfolders of the 3 inboxes).

This is what I see when I open EMC:

These are my current settings (I’ve tried all kinds of combinations):

There is something you can try.

Go back to 5.
Upgrade to 6:
The upgrade from 5 to 6 should be fine. Confirm everything is there.

Then upgrade to 9:

Hm … tried that with version 8 earlier but it would not let me install - got a message saying the database had been modified by a later version and was not readable by v8. Strangely enough I could go back to v5 without any problems.

Let me try with v6 as you suggest - thank you!

Go back to 5, then make a backup.

Next close 5 and delete the database folder. I really can’t remember where it was in 5, but it could be C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\eM Client. You may have to enable hidden items in Explorer to get there.

Start 5 and restore the database.
The upgrade to 6, then to 9.

Ok - got it working!

Deleting the database then reimporting it from a backup did the trick. I still needed to change various settings in my old accounts but it’s all good now.

Thank you very much for your help!