No Longer Useful

I originally tried this back at v5. Now after v6 has come out, it is no longer an option for me, as I now have 3 POP account and stil require a FREE email client. It is truly a shame that a couple of reasonably good email clients have ti limit to just 1 or 2 accounts.

Hi Richard, eM Client is a paid application, if you require more accounts, you can always purchase the application.

Unfortunately if you require more accounts and you need a free application, there’s nothing we can do.
I’m sorry if this is an issue for you.

Thank you for understanding,

Hi Richard,

Why would a company give away all their product(s) for free? Their employees also need to be able to eat and pay their bills…

If eM Client is useful enough for you, maybe you can support yourself and the company by buying a license?