No longer capable of pasting cells from excel

hi. i used to been able to copy cells with colors and lines from excel and past it to em client. but after i updated to 4.0 it’s no longer possible :frowning: can you filx it, or can i download and reinstall the old version of em client because i need this function badly?

we have made some changes and here is the fixed version:… If the problem will persist, please do let me know. Thank you.

Hi, this didn’t solve the problem. The colors and lines, or cells, do not paste into the message - only the data.The data lines up in a better way though.

In my case - the new build does allow copy paste from Excel, but the formatting is all over the place. (in some cases it doesn’t have any formatting - in other cases it’s got borders, but they are the wrong color / size).

we have hopefully fixed the problem. Please download and install a new version from…

Best regards,

George Wilson

The update solves my problem with copy paste from excel. But it seemed to introduce a new problem dealing with the calendars. We are using caldav here and all of the calendars, network or local, now show a white background even when another color is selected. Rolling back to the 13961 version fixes the calendar problem, but then the copy paste from excel doesn’t work.

Hi. This new version solved my problem.
Thank you very much.