No longer able to send emails

As of today, I can receive emails but those outbound just sit in the outbox.  I do get a meaningless message.  Why would this suddenly stop?  I urgently need to send these emails.  HELP please. 

I have turned off all security features, no setting have changed from yesterday.

I have logged into GMAIL and can send and receive emails just fine.
Here are screen shots.  Any clue why this would suddenly stop?
the messa ges:

Hello Randy,

This seems as a temporary server issue but if the problem persists, I’d recommend removing the account and reconfiguring it in Menu > Tools > Account. Please note that you should move the outbox emails to another folder (local folders) so you won’t loose them when you remove the account.


This has been going on all am.  If I have to remove the account and reinstall it, I will no longer be interested in paying for the service and I’ll be back to outlook.  I simply don’t need this while I am traveling and trying to get critical work done.  Maybe someone at EM is monitoring this.

Well this interesting, I looked at older suggestions and found the mention of a possible issue with the internet service that I am hooked up to.  Turned on my phone hotspot and was able to send and receive.  Thanks for that previous suggestion.  Im off to the front desk, although I dont speak their language and I’m sure they will have no clue what I’m talking about.  Now all I need is a Starbucks in Italy with a free hotspot…hah