No keyboard-based text selection in e-mail viewer

Using the Shift key does not provide text selection in the e-mail viewer. In other content viewers, you can click somewhere or select something, and you can then hold Shift + (optionally Ctrl +) left, right, home, etc. to select text. I find this feature useful.

eM Client appears to be missing this functionality.

I am sorry but it works only with mouse click.

Sorry; I should have said “some” content viewers. I guess it’s more of a semi-standard feature.

Internet Explorer is not as popular as Firefox or Chrome, and I really think it’s a not a good quality program and hasn’t been for a long time, so I don’t think it’s a good example to use.

It works in Chrome for me. However, you do have to first select some text to get it started.

Firefox and Microsoft Word implement the feature perfectly for me.

I use Shift and Ctrl-Shift along with the arrow, page up/down, home/end keys extensively in other applications to select a range of items to which I want to apply an action. I really really really miss this capability in the message viewer. (I know that this feature works in the message writer as well as in message lists.

I think the underlying issue here is that the message viewer does not have a cursor. In other words, you can’t navigate through the text using the keyboard. The keyboard instead is only available for scrolling the pane.

I also wish I could double-click on a word in the message viewer to select it quickly. Oftentimes, all I want to do is select and then copy a word or group of words out of the message, and a double-click is how I make (or start) the selection.