No IMAP support on one of my accounts? POP3 workaround?

Hi I just downloaded your trial version and I’m very impressed. I would like to buy the PRO version but I’m having a problem with receiving mail on one of my accounts - my secureserver accoung (GoDaddy). The problem I have is it is NOT and IMAP account and the only way I’m told I can fix that is to upgrade to a more expensive plan (about a hundred bucks!!!) Is there a way of configuring that account on your product to work solely with a POP account so I don’t get the IMAP errors


I am not sure if I understand, you have POP3 account and you are receiving IMAP error messages?

If so, have you used automatic or manual setup, what version of eM Client do you use, is your account working okay and can you send me screenshot of those error messages here?