No images showing ???

How can I get images to show in my emails? I either see the html code or it’s just blank - but no images. And there’s no warning bar/link to click to show images either. So does anyone know how I can get them to show? They show okay in Windows Mail app which I want to replace. All my email accounts are gmail. 

Usually there is an option in the mail header.

Is this not what you are seeing?

Well I’ve fixed it now - I wasn’t seeing that link at all - but had a delve into settings and in tools/settings/mail/read I found a checked item ‘Read all messages in plain text’ which I unchecked and then the command that you have pointed at appeared - I had at no point checked the plain text option so it must default to that when it is installed! 

Glad you got it worked out. :slight_smile:

How can I show images if I didn’t click the download link?

You will need to change the settings in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Privacy.

The first one is the default, and that will show the link in the message header for you to click to show the images if you have not previously whitelisted the sender.

The third option will automatically show all images and there will be no link to click to show them.