no help files in free version?


It sure has. On the menu go to Help -> Content. It has a somewhat a basic usage help file.

Does it display some error message or something else if you click at Help->Contents ?

Thanks for the reply, Gabriel. When I click on Help>Contents, the Help file appears just for the briefest instant, then that screen goes blank and disappears. What’s up?


Can be several things. The help file in eM Client is a standard HTML compiled help file that opens by Windows Help (part of Windows). Does similar help file in other program also behaves like that or only eM Client?

You can test this by opening Notepad Help -> Help Topics. If it the same, than something wrong with your current Windows Installation. If not, we need to check for other possibilities.

No problems in other programs. Notepad help opens a Help Online window, works fine. I am running Win7.

There are some known issues with chm help files after Vista (or XP 64bit). I’m not using Vista or 7 any more, so I’m not sure about the help file compatibility. If you insist on using native Win7, try…

If you using Firefox 4 or earlier try…

Alternatively try or…

Of course I “insist on using native Win7”! Why would I change for your email program??

EC software Help and Manual won’t open the help files, which I finally found, and krchmviewer is a “file not found” on the Internet. Walk me through a proper solution, please. What you wrote above is not acceptable.

I like eM Client, it works fine, I want to keep it and use the help files if needed.

I think you are mistaken me from eM Client employee. This is a community support where as the “free” license don’t have dedicated support from eM Client. As I stated above I no longer use Vista/7 and therefore cannot replicate the problem. I can only try to help and work on the obvious.

As for krchmviewer, the link I provide will direct you to a sourceforge download link, and it works. If you are so unwilling to try solve the problem and are so demanding on dedicated support, you should really consider the Pro license. You should just be thankful that eM Client actually has their own staff participate here. With post like this in Thunderbird fourm, you are just asking to get banned. You are asking a free product with paid product like support… really…

can you please take screenshot or video of the issue and send it here or to ?

I did mistake you for an eM employee, and I apologize for that. I also downloaded kchmviewer, and it works, so thanks very much for that suggestion.

Thank you, Gabriel. I did download kchmviewer, per suggestion above of tncs.s9, and it works, so problem solved. Win7, as you may know, has made it impossible to view chm files (security issue) unless they are on a local drive–and unless you get into registry changes, which I did not want to do.

I’ve tried a number of email client programs, and yours is truly the best.

Glad it worked. And yes, agreed, though eM Client still need some work, but it does stand out from the rest.