No filters imported from Thunderbird

I have installed eM Client trying to see if I should move away from Thunderbird. A problem I encountered is that it seems that it did not import *any* of the filters I have in Thunderbird. None. I did not just skip the (many) rules that have “OR” in them, it just didn’t install any of them. 

Recreating all those filters would be quite a job and not something I look forward to doing. Is there any way to still import them? Can eM Client import “OR” rules yet?


the rules in emClient are somehow, let’s say Basic and not very powerful. OR conditions are not possible at all and I guess this fact is the cause of your troubles while importing the TB rules.

Maybe you can also have a look at my long time wishes for a bunch of enhancements of the current rule implementation, located here

And regarding your question you can also have a look into this 4 year old thread to get a slight impression how long it takes to not get any new features into emClient.

FYI, neither the OR feature nor any of the points of my list have been implemented by emClient so far and it seems the upcoming version 7 won’t change this either. At least no word has been said about enhanced rules so far.

Hence, I wouldn’t hold my breath for any good news this and the next year.


Hi Andre,
just as Mike above mentions, complex rules are not implemented in eM Client and currently are not among planned features for future updates.


Problem is: simple rules are not imported either. Still, most of my rules are a bit more complex. I have lots of rules like “Commercial” that contains criteria that all kinds of newsletters from companies I sometimes order from satisfy. That is, they are all combined in a single rule sorting their messages into my “Commercial” folder, not in seperate rules all individually sorting into that folder. 


that’s bad news, really bad news!

If a new rule system won’t be part of one of the next releases and I’m not talking about a major release over the next ten years, I will have to switch back to TB simply because I can use better rules and enhance them myself.

We power users need more and enhanced rules! And if you would like to compete with other mail clients on the market your are better doing your homework more thoroughly.

Today, I would use Outlook at home, like I do at work. Only one thing that keeps me from doing this is the missing support for CalDav and CarDav. If Microsoft would support both later on I would have to say good bye to emClient.

Of course pimping up the UI or introducing a conversation view is a step further but this is not all that has to be done to level up emClient for a broader audience and to make it fit for the future. And you can be sure even if Mozilla drops Thunderbird the Open Source community will keep it alive. TheBat! already jumped on the bandwagon, since they are going to include CardDav support, I guess it’s just a question of time when they support CalDav, too. EWS protocol is on their list of features, too. The filters are much better then emClient currently offers us. I own a licenses of TheBat!, a fairly old one, but I know what I’m speaking about.

Perhaps you can forward this posting to the owner or person in charge of emClient to let them hear the voices of the users and the mood that is predominating the forums here currently about those long time missing and refused features!

If I read your statement about the rules I will have to tell my collegues and friends not to use and order emClient in future.


Hi Andre,
I am afraid that even if the rule is consisted of many simple rules, technically, but has one more complex feature eM Client does not have, the whole rule will not be imported.
I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but the only way seems to be to set up the rule again manually.


I was talking about simple simple: One condition (AND selected, but that should not matter). 

Still seeing that appearantly Em Client is sorely lacking in the filtering department, perhaps it is not the client for me.