No Email Note Sync between devices with EAS


we’re trying EM Client for our company and we’re really excited for the mailnotes. But unfortunately it isn’t syncing.

Me and my colleague use the same email-adress with is hosted by our Exchange 2016, but eM isnt syncing the emailnotes (you know, the “right click the mail”-thingy).

Do you mind pointing us into the right direction?

I think we’re still in the 30 day trial.


eM Client syncs both quick notes (those added to messages) as well as Notes when the account is setup as Exchange. So if you have added a quick note to a message, someone else connecting to the same account using eM Client will also see it.

According to specification it should be available with all Exchange servers, but if you have an in-house Exchange server, the server admin may not have implemented everything.