No email body showing automatically in Preview

When I click on an email in my Inbox I only see the Header with 3 dots under it in the Preview window. I need to click on the 3 dots to see the remaining email body. I have seen videos where users just click on an email in the inbox list and the complete email shows intantly in the Preview window. Installed EM Client on two different Win 10 systems with the same bad results.

What could I be doing wrong?

Sort of looks like it is solved.  I downloaded all new emails this morning and they have the email body open up correctly automatically when I click on any email in my inbox list.  Seems like the problem was yesterday after I installed EM I was sending emails from another email app to myself, from 2 different computers to check how EMC works.  These emails will not open the body automatically, I need to click on 3 dots, no big deal as I usually don’t ever send myself emails unless I’m just checking server issues.

EMC is a great email program and my choice over Thunderbird right now!