no content in email, just folders. also no calendar or contacts (using yahoo plus)

I have just downloaded the free trial and cannot get the program to do download my emails, calendar, or contacts from yahoo. In my email I see the folders but there is no content at all. Can someone help?

there were some issues at Yahoo side, we workarounded them. The latest setup is available at… . It needed to be mentioned that we don’t fully support Yahoo calendar and contacts.

If this won’t work also please send us logs (or any error messages you get concerning yahoo):

  1. Go to menu Tools->Settings->Logging and enable Network communication logs.
  2. Try to simulate the issue (try to receive mails in your case).
  3. Restart eM Client.
  4. Go again to menu Tools->Settings->Logging and Send us the logs.


Thank you for replying. I have gone ahead and opened the logging and will send it to you. The version you posted a link for is the version I am already running (I just downloaded it yesterday) but I went ahead and removed it and added your again.

The problem still exists. The folders in my yahoo account appear but no content at all seems to appear inside them. I will send you the network connections log in a few mintues.

Small problem. I let the synchronization run on the program and then attempted to send you the logs that you asked for but the program comes back and says “logging directory does not exist…”

Does this mean I need to do something else?

I see an error on my screen if this helps - it says “cannot access disposed objects”. Does this help? Would you like me to enable any other logs?

Can you please paste here the complete text of the error (and where did it appeared)? You need to create the Logging directory (displayed at Tools->Settings->Logging) first.

I have created the folder for the log files and now all it says is that there are no logs in the folder. Am I missing something?

I have sent the logs to you now. Please let me know what we can do to fix this issue of no emails being in the folders.

the yahoo issues (at their side) problem should be solved with the newest update.