No Contacts imported from WinLM.

I just downloaded eM Client and imported my data from WinLM. The import went OK except my Contacts were not imported. I appreciate any help, Thanks rmhc.


I will need your Import logs, go to Tools - Settings - Advanced, check Import under global, apply and restart eM Client,

Then try to import again and if it will fail again then use send logs… and send them to [email protected] together with this topic’s url.

then you can turn logging off.

also what eM Client version do you use?


I had the same problem with various versions and setups. The other day it gave an error similar to “the WLM contacts database has been locked”. Also contacts not imported and when one try importing only the contacts it imports the accounts and mails again and duplicates everything.

I rather like to use emClient for my clients instead of WLM or Thunderbird but this and the issue with updates not working properly drives me up the wall.

Also I cannot troubleshoot issues 2 days after the event as the PC is back at client.

Hi Chrisjan, eM client is a paid application for commercial use, if you purchase a license you are also entitled to a priority support, if a Pro license customer has any issues, we can also resolve the issue remotely.
You can also tell this option to your clients and we can help them resolve the issue. But the response time of the pro license support team is usually 24-48hours during business days.

Thank you,