No Contact? Business Account(s) a mess & EMAILS DOWN

Since having this problem for days I have had no contact from EmClient, despite holding apparently TWO PRO LICENCES which I’m sure we don’t even need.

Pro Support? Where is it? Several of our machines are not sending/ receiving and I’m getting no help.

Please, can someone tell me where I can actually speak to someone? I’m sure a its a quick fix problem but it is now having a devastating affect on my business.

viernes 02 octubre 2020 :: 1456hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @sunriseholidayhomes

As a Pro license holder have you actually raised a support ticket?
The help and support that is given, freely, on the Forum is from users who will,
based on their own experiences and knowledge, offer assistance and advice.
You haven’t said exactly what problems you are having, except to say;
No Contact? Business Account(s) a mess & EMAILS DOWN
Unfortunately that doesn’t state the details of the problem.
If you would like help here please let us know the following:
Version of eM Client
Windows OS

¡Saludos desde la soleada España!


I’ve raised THREE ‘Critical’ tickets haha! …Which makes me question this whole thing!

I’ve replied to you via email as there are a lot of details!

Thank you

viernes 02 octubre 2020 :: 1716hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @sunriseholidayhomes

Thank you for your email - I understand all that you say; I have posted it here.
I presume that as you were able to send this message that you do in fact have a
working email facility, though not on all your computers.

1./ You have an issue concerning licences
There is no need to to re-issue a single license for 5 seats to replace the existing.
2./ My guess is that you have allocated one of the licenses to too many computers.
3./ To view the license on each computer do this:
With eMC in view click (top left):
Menu ->Help ->License
Here you will be able to view License information also (Deactivate & Close)
Before you go any further make certain that you have a note of your License Keys,
one will be for 2 & the other 3 seats.
If you can’t find the License Keys go here and follow the instructions:

Once you have confirmed you have the Licenses and know which is which do this:
In order that there is no further confusion…
In turn DEACTIVATE each computer License
Then in turn Copy & Paste the 3 seat License Key to 3 computers and
the 2 seat License Key to 2 computers.

This done correctly I believe will resolve your problem of One computer not working.

¡Saludos desde la soleada España!


+++++ +++++ Here is the detail of the email you sent +++++ +++++

Yes Russ you are correct, I was pushed so far that I saw this as the only way to get assistance… and it worked!

Also I have raised a ‘CRITICAL’ ticket 3 times… with only 1 response.

We have 5 computers and one says licence expired for some reason. Even though all logged onto the same server etc. I queried this plus asked where can I find information on my licence? Did we even have a Pro licence? As we’ve used EmClient for years I couldn’t remember… soon after we began experiencing problems on our other laptops too. I have searched my ‘account’ high and low and can find nothing about my licence anywhere.

here was the original query response: -

it seems that you have a PRO licence under two different keys, one has 3 seats, and the other has 2 seats.
Please make sure you’re using the correct key, and if so, send us a screenshot of the situation.
Best regards,

Hi Adam,
Thanks for coming back to us. Oh dear that is incorrect! Are we able to change so we have just one pro licence? We have 5 computers needing emails here. 4 are working fine but the newest one is just saying licence expired even though it’s logged in like all the others?
Also for future reference, how do I find information about what licence we currently have? I have looked everywhere on the site, logged in wherever possible and it doesn’t tell me anywhere?

Kind Regards,

After this I received no further response to my queries.

We have the latest version of EmClient installed (no updates available) and are using IMAP and Windows 10.

All I need is to sort out the licence, as I’m sure we only need 1? And make it work on each of our laptops.
+++++ +++++ End of copied email +++++ +++++