No Calendars or Contacts

I’m using the latest version of eM Client (even downloaded the newest beta) on Windows 11. I’ve added CalDAV and CardDAV accounts using my providers app password, but when viewing my calendars or contacts, everything is completely blank. I tried removing and re-adding the accounts, still nothing.

I can add my Google account calendars just fine, but Fastmail doesn’t seem to be working for me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Was the Caldav cal & Carddav contacts ever working in any version of eM Client ?

At some point it was, but I frequently refresh my computer by resetting Windows and doing fresh installs.

Ok. I see you posted about this same issue at the end of the previous thread below, where @Gary advised at the time this was a Windows 11 issue and not your provider, and to contact him directly via his email address. Did you get a reply ?

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Typically that happens when the URI is incorrect. Unfortunately it doesn’t give any error, just doesn’t display anything.