No archive button on OUTLOOK.COM email boxes

I have two email boxes, on the WEB interface on there is an archive button, but in eMClient there is no archive button. How do I turn on archiving for email boxes

Hi, we know about this, problem is that do not report to email clients that its inbox folder supports archivation, that is why we do not show “archive” button on toolbar.
Only way how to overcome this is to use “Automatic archivation” (which can be enforced anytime you want) but it will move emails to local folders and they will not be available in Outlook’s archive folder.


It may have been true 3 years ago that did not support folder archiving. But that’s no longer the case. At least, Thunderbird has no problem doing it. Neither does Postbox, and neither does Mailbird.

EMClient 7 is ALMOST perfect. This is one feature I would really really want.

Automatic Archiving is a poor substitute at best for manual archiving, and doesn’t work in the slightest with maintaining an “inbox zero” policy.

It would be great if this could be fixed!

I have eM CLient on Mac and Windows and what is strange Move to Archive is working on Windows but not working on Mac… Some on know why? Probably this is something wrong with app not with outolook.