No Account

Hello, I just downloaded and set-up my account. I have gotten all my emails downloaded and they’re in my inbox. However, when I go to reply to a message or send a new account the “From” always says “no account” and I can’t change it… Any ideas?

Hi, could you tell me what tabs do you see in Tools - Accounts - your account ?


Hi Jan,

I see General, IMAP and Diagnostics.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!


Hi, then please re-add your account, if you have not SMTP protocol under your account you can’T send emails.


I’ve re-added it already. I will try again. I know we have an SMTP protocol as I’ve used other third-party email clients…


it is definitely this problem, no account message and no SMTP or other protocol for sending emails shows that it is this.

If automatic setup will not be able to help you then use manual under tools - accounts - new account - mail - other.