No account set up

I have used eM Client on my previous computer with no problems. I have a new laptop now and downloaded eM Client again for use. However after I’d set up the account according to the automatic set up provided by eM Client I am getting the following message when I try to send emails.
" Account has not been set up"
As far as I know the account has been set up according to the eClient set up .
My server is Westnet . It appears I’m unable to send ot receive emails going through this server.
Could you help please?

Go to “Menu / Accounts”. Then click on your Westnet account and see if the mail settings along the top “are the same as you old computer”.

Also do you have a POP, IMAP, Exchange account ? Are you with Westnet Australia?

Thanks for your reply. I’ve actually just had it sorted out so all good now.
and appreciate your response.

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