No Account message prevents sending email

setup email account to and when trying to reply to an email the “From” comes up with No Account and will not send the email reply.

When I first installed eM Client everything went fine. It pulled all the email items in and the account setup went fine… Only after trying to reply to an email did this problem arise. I have deleted and re-added the account info twice now and still no success… Problem in software not adding the only account info to the “From :” box… which prevents sending out the reply…

Hi, can you make a screenshot of your SMTP settings in Tools > Accounts > Your accounts > SMTP tab.
And post it here on the forum?

Also can you check if there’s no dropdown menu in the “From:” field, that would allow you to select the mail account to send from.

Are you using more mail accounts in your client?

Thank you,

Hi Paul, thank for your reply… I am trying to setup email for my brother on his computer. When I tried to send the email, and the message came up “No Account” then I tried right clicking the from box and nothing popped up…
I got a little suspicious when entering the email address [email protected] when a default of … appearred…
I will have to send you screenshots of the accounts panels later this afternoon when I go back to his place. The other thing was that when I do the IMAP diagnostic , it comes back and says “OK” but it does not seen to remember this when I go back to this panel. There is only this ONE email account I am trying to setup… Hope this info helps… Looking forward to your reply later… Doug

Here are the screenshots :

Hi, can you please try setting up the email manually without using the automatic setup, it’s a bit tricky to do this but that should solve the issue.

Click on new account and instead of inserting your information into the automatic setup switch to the mail tab and select other, then proceed with the steps and setup your account with the information provided from your mail service.

If you have any issues with the setup, let us know.

Thank you,