Nits to pick and one big louse

Nits to pick:
When I click into an email with heavy graphics, the images pop up almost immediately, then blank to white, then come back after a second. Why not leave it on screen while whatever housekeeping is accomplished?
If my laptop goes into suspend mode, when I come back and try to read email I get the ‘not downloaded yet’ notification. I have to close eM Client and reopen to connect to gmail again.
In selecting an email to read, I double click on it but that only selects it rather than opens it. I have to double click again to read as other than a preview.
If I use the arrow to advance from email to email, when I go back to the inbox the pointer is to where in the list I started, not where I finished.
Moving from nits to full grown lice, unlike Outlook there is NO LOCAL STORAGE for emails. I can’t download, slap the laptop into my bag, and read my emails during the airplane ride/ waiting for a meeting to start/ etc. FOR THIS REASON ALONE I AM SEARCHING FOR A DIFFERENT EMAIL PROGRAM. As much as I like eM Client, that’s a fundamental must-have. Is there some configuration option I missed, or is this just marketing hoping against hope no one would notice?