Nice client, but so buggy :-( Where to report?

Hi Folks,

first of all sorry for my bad english, but I am German :slight_smile:

In a nutshell: I was looking for a new, cool email-client. Yeah - this software is really nice. But already, while installation, I noticed some small bugs.

Further on, after 2-3 weeks of trying it out, I missed some neccessary functions and found some other bugs. Just really tiny things, not a big deal!! Well actually:

As a programmer this could be fixed with two lines of code. Even by me!!

Where can I report those things? Would be great if a developer would get in touch with me!

Thanks & cheers,

Hello Peter,
if you’re still running the Demo or are a FREE license user, this is actually a place where to report all your problems. Could you please post the content of the Log window so I can see which issues you’re referring to?

Best wishes,

Hi O.

Yeah, might be still the demo, 'cause i have to figure out how many licence i need to buy - and when v7 will come out :slight_smile:

What do you mean by “log window”? o_O Can’t figure out where to find or what you mean.

One example for bugs: No unread message in the inbox, but 2 unreaded messages are shown at all. After I read those ones they appear in the inbox. And don’t get me wrong. After fetching messages, there are unreaded mails in the inbox… I go thorough that and than have to check unreaded mails. And those are not jungk- or spam-mails at all.

Yeah - and a few other strange things happened!

Thanks for you answer btw.,

Hi Pete,
when an error pops up, it opens in a window called “Operations” which contains three tabs > Operations, Error and Log. The content of the log tab is what I need to analyze your issue more, so please when an error shows up, copy the contents here.

I’d also like to know what version of eM Client you’re currently running, which can be found in “Help > About” section.

If you could take note and maybe screenshot the problems you encounter it’d be very helpful in solving these problems :slight_smile:

Best wishes,

Hi Olivia,

thanks again for your reply!

I am currently use version 6.0.23181.0 btw.

I foudn the log-/error-window, but I got no errors … why should I?
I am talking about bugs, not about errors :slight_smile:

Actually my only question was where to report those bugs or the missing (easy) functions?! :slight_smile:

For example: As I already told: Inbox says 5 unread messages, but there are only 3 shown. In the unread-folder are 5 mails. As soon I read them, they appear in the inbox.

I imported all my mails. Took a while, but works fine. But all mails which were dated in the year 1999 and before are now dated as 2009 (ex. it says 2007 instead of 1997). Correct timestamp + 10 years!

But well, nevermind. I am going to write an essay or record a video by time. It’s a cool software I’d like to support, but it struggles with some major-functions and I have no programmer to report it to …

Have a nice weekend,

Hey Pete,
I’m sorry, I wasn’t on the same page, I thought you encountered some errors.
The best way to give your opinions through the forum is to set your entry as an IDEA and we go through those periodically and add needed function to our TODO list according to those that the users miss the most.

Best wishes,

OK! Thanks - I’ll do that.