Newly installed eMClient is not running without permanent errors

Is there no support/instructions for newbies who want to test, but there are errors? There is no topic Contacts, so I selected Mail even it should be Contacts and Mail.
I’m using Windows 10. I tested EC already last year, it was running well, but I decided to use Gmail. Now I wanted to try it again, but there are some problems. First of all I receive permanent error messages like:
[Google Contacts]Löschen von Elementen in Ordner ‘[email protected]/Contacts’ fehlgeschlagen mit folgendem Fehler: Quota exceeded for quota metric ‘Write requests (Contact Deletes and Contact Group Writes)’ and limit ‘Write requests (Contact Deletes and Contact Group Writes) per minute per user’ of service ‘’ for consumer ‘project_number:920743529221’.
Also others appear in email section.
Deduplication is not correct, some duplicates still exist, they only are alphabetical arranged. New deduplication doesn’t find them anymore. What is EC doing if there are duplicates in case there is the order to join?
I have a subfolder “duplicates” in contacts, if I erase all addresses in that they are there again, when I come back after logout. I erased the whole subfolder now.
I was planning to buy the professional version because I have 5 email accounts, but there is no chance to test whether EC will run properly with that.
Even I set “show all mails” it shows only unread mails.This morning I opened EC, there are no new malesafter some minutes. Then I opened Gmail, there are 5 new mails.
I also learned that many users are not satisfied with version 8, maybe this is also the reason of my problems, but I will not downgrade.
Either I can solve the problems, and I can test with all my 5 email accounts - then ok; or not - then gmail.
Thanks for any responses