newly imported account not recognised

I installed the latest version of EM Client (7.1.30794.0).  I then imported my account, message folders and contacts from Thunderbird.  An hour later, I turned on my machine, started EM Client and found it was a pristine copy showing no account, messages or contacts.  Checked the storage folder with explorer and everything is still there.  Created a new folder and changed EM Client to use it and then attempted to import from the original EM Client folder.  All I got was a message saying that the original folder was either empty or its contents were created by an old version of EM Client.  What now?  How do I recover the newly imported files?

Imported items go into the local folders.  Please make sure the local folders are set to display by going to menu/tools/settings/general and check “Show local folders”

Thanks for the response Jay.  Local folders are set to display and are displaying, but there are only the bare system folders and the email account itself is missing.  The couple of dozen folders, with around 3,000 filed emails that I imported (and the email account itself) are absent.  Looking at the EM Client store folders the missing data is not there either. It is as if opening the program has caused it to reset itself to brand new condition as it were.  This is a very frightening thing for an email client to do.