Newcomer, planning to switch and have issues


I looking to switch email client and this is a big move, I have the following question regarding EM Client:

  1. How can I put the image automatic loading in the reading mode?
  2. Is it possible to integrate EM with Trello re. Tasks and calendar?
  3. Is it possible to further customize themes’ details? i.e. color of email select email select and etc. 
  4. Email list alternate color for rows does not work.

Thank you,

  1. You can change this setting in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Privacy. Selecting the third option Display unsafe content in all messages will display all linked images automatically. It is better to use one of the other two options though.

  2. If Trello uses CalDAV then you could add the calendar and tasks that way. You will need to check with them which type of calendar protocol they use.

  3. Yes, you can edit themes.

  4. This only applies to single line layout. You can change the layout settings in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Read > Message List.