Newby question - just installed eM Client to manage my account. Was hoping to see the subfolders downloaded and installed

Was hoping to see the subfolders downloaded and installed with existing email messages, but do not see them.  Do they download?  Do I need to look somewhere for them?  Do I need to take additional steps?

That depends on how your account is setup in eM Client. To check how it is setup, go to Menu > Tools > Accounts. You will either have POP3/SMTP or IMAP/SMTP tabs.

If it is POP3, you will only get new messages from the server Inbox. The Inbox is also not synced with the server, so any changes made on another device will not be seen in eM Client.

If it is setup as IMAP, you will get an exact copy of the folders on the server. Any changes made on other devices will also be seen in eM Client. That includes Inbox and all its messages and sub-folders, as well as the Sent folder.

Got it.  Thanks Gary.

If your account is setup as POP3 and you want to set it up as IMAP, go to Menu > Tools > Accounts, and add a new account. Don’t use the Automatic Setup, but choose Mail > Other. Currently the Automatic Setup for Comcast uses POP3, but in the next release of eM Client it should use IMAP as default.

After entering your email address, you will be able to choose between POP3 or IMAP. Continue through the wizard using the details provided by Comcast.

When the account is setup, you can move any existing messages from the POP3 folders to the IMAP ones, then delete the POP3 account from eM Client.