Newbie questions

I’ve just installed eM Client, with a view to replacement of Outlook company-wide, mainly due to “combined Inbox”, which M$ still refuse to offer (even in 2016 - just checked!).  Environment is local Exchange server (2013) with remote POP for a few personal account (which is why I’d like to see them in my view WITHOUT merging into the Exchange mailbox!)

  1. In Outlook, we have appropriate delegated access to shared/other peoples’ accounts, so we access them via our OWN passwords/credentials, without needing to use/know other peoples’ passwords.  For shared accounts, we don’t currently even HAVE passwords!
    Is that possible using eM Client, or would I need to enter the personal password for those accounts I need to access? 

  2. Is it possible to limit how many months/years of data we download (especially for laptops etc.)?

  3. Does eM Client have any limits on mailbox sizes?

  4. Is there a way to re-arrange display columns - I’ve tried, and so far failed :-(  In particular, when working in a multiple-account combined inbox view, how do I show which account each message came from?

If I can resolve above issues, then you may get a company wide order!

Hello Dave, eM Client doesn’t support shared accounts on Exchange, however does support Delegation, if delegation is setup for your account you don’t need to use the second user’s password, delegation simply allows you to view and control the delegated items based on the settings of the delegated folder.

It is unfortunately not possible to limit how many months/years of data will be downloaded, after setting up an Exchange account all your items will be synchronized with the client.

No limits, except the server based ones.

You can rearrange your columns by right clicking any of the columns and selecting “columns configuration”, you can drag the items in the separate window to reorder the columns.

Hope this helps.

Ok - so question about delegation.  Once an account is created, I can see how to change the authentication from “identity” to alternative user credentials - great, but I have failed to see how (for an Exchange account) I can set up an account with credentials that differ from the identity, as it doesn’t allow me to move beyond the first page without entering the password for the e-mail I’m setting up - what am I missing?

Also - my Exchange account doesn’t seem to be syncing calendar and contact information - is it expected to?

OK - another question  (sorry - effect of being new to your product) is it possible to customise “Smart folders”?  e.g. if I have 3 accounts (personal, sales and tech support) - normally I only want to see personal and tech, but would also like to see sales when the sales staff are out of the office.  Can I do this via different smart views?

Hello Dave, you should be able to do this in the New account setup wizard. If you don’t use the automatic setup but select Mail > Exchange instead, you have the option to enter the email address and the user name for this email address, I believe this is where the second email address would come into play.

However I’m not completely sure if this is what you’re looking for as it might not be possible to setup the Exchange account using different credentials.

Let me know if this helps.

Yes eM Client should be able to synchronize all your items including calendars and contacts.

Smart folders allow you to use virtual folders with collected email from all your accounts, however it is unfortunately not possible to configure these folders.

You can however setup a custom search folder, right click Smart folders and select Search folders under “Display…” and add a new search folder by right clicking on the option in the left pane.

With search folders you can essentially create a search criteria that will be ran automatically when you open the folder and will collect your email based on the criteria.

Hope this helps.

I’d already tried what you said, and no, it didn’t work :-(   Given that it DOESN’T work, I’m really not sure what the identity vs. “these” credentials is actually supposed to do for an exchange account - whatever I enter, I get the account for which I provide the username and password, with no way to select any other (even if the authenticated account has access).  Are you able to check for me whether this is possible at all, as our internal procedures are based on CONTROLLED access to others people’s accounts (read only etc. depending on user rights), but of course entering the username/password of the 2nd account would give FULL access :frowning:

Thanks - it did work here, but took a long time (perhaps only once mail download was complete!)

Ok - got that working - thanks!  I suppose that then leaves the question - whilst the search folders are marvellously flexible - are there any downsides to using them (e.g. perhaps performance) compared to the pre-configured smart folders?

Hello Dave, Shared IMAP folders are not supported by eM Client, you can only use delegation. E.g. users of the Exchange server can delegate the whole account to another user on the server, the account should be then visible as another folder bellow your account, allowing you to access the account and send on behalf of the account if all user permissions are set for the other account.

So… it is not possible to enter credentials for another account using your account, you would have to setup the account in eM client using the second user’s credentials.

Hello Dave, not as far as I know, search folder is still essentially a smart folder as well.