Newbie Questions: Gmail, Calendar, Contacts

Hi everybody,

I just installed the eM Mac client 8.1 demo and I have several questions/issues:

  1. E-Mail: How native is the gmail support - in comparison to Mimestream for example?
  2. Calendar: The Calendar does not show the birthdays from the contacts - how can I achieve that?
  3. Contacts: My Mac is connected to 2 icloud accounts in the system settings (one main, one secondary), and has access to the contacts on both accounts. However, when addressing a new e-mail the contacts from the secondary account will not appear neither when typing, nor in the list which shows up when clicking on to/cc/bcc. Is there a solution for that?

Thank you

eM Client fully supports Gmail. All services are configured automatically during setup, including syncing of labels, calendars, tasks, and contacts. In addition you can use Google Chat right in eM Client, as well as manage your out of office settings without having to open the web interface.

As you are using Google, you can sync the Google Birthday Calendar to achieve this.


Otherwise eM Client does not create a separate calendar for contact’s birthdays, nor display them automatically in your normal calendar view. It does, however, display birthdays from your contacts in the right side-bar Agenda.

Go to the Contacts section of eM Client where you should have a separate folder for each iCloud account. Something like this:


Click on each folder individually and see the contacts for that folder displayed on the right. If a folder is not displaying any contacts, maybe it has not synced and so there will be no suggestions while addressing an email. Go to Menu > Operations, and look for any errors in the Log tab.

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