Newbie comments

Not used eMclient for long, but like what I have found so far.  A couple of observations/questions…

  1. Is it possible to have “reply” emails stored in the same folder as the original when the original has already been moved to a folder?

  2. The “mass mail” option looks a good idea but two things happened when I tested it.  Firstly I got separate email copies in my sent folder for each recipient.  That would quickly become unreasonable if the list of recipients were any significant length - did I miss something?  Why not have it just move the recipients into the BCC field (to save you having to do it yourself), then only one sent email is saved and all the BCC recipients are listed.  Secondly, selection of the option to mass mail is too difficult - you have to be very careful to click the down arrow on the SEND button otherwise the email is just sent anyway and you have missed the opportunity to send it blind - for now I shall continue to use the BCC field - seems safer that way.

  3. Is it possible to refresh a distribution list so that changes to email adresses of the contact  get updated in the distribution list?  Even better if it happened automatically:-)


Norman B

Hi Norman,

Thank you for your questions and comments.

  1. The rules are applicable in this case. You can’t set this in general settings but you can simply create a rule for the sender’s address to move all emails to designated folder. you can do this with right click on the sender address and press “Create rule from”

  2. Using the mass mail option when sending needs a bit of precision. I will add this to the Idea pool for possible future updates.

  3. eM Client unfortunately doesn’t allow changes of email address into distribution list because it uses email address as a main criteria of the distribution list. I will add this to the Ideas as well.

With best regards,
Russel Markosky 

OK, thanks for the reply