NewBe has a question, looking for honesty

I am thinking about using eM. Should I? I have a older box but was proficient with PC’s.
 But have gotten behind the curve. W7 on a P4 with 3G’s of mem.
 Would you honestly recommend eM?

Thank you, it is appreciated.

Although I had 3 email accounts, I first tried eM free version. I couldn’t get it to connect to a Gmail account and it seemed very iffy. So I paid for the full version as I wanted to connect at least 3 accounts. Took a bit of getting used to, but now I find it very good and some of the features are very useful.

This client from my poin t of view is simply excellent, suggest you research their webiste for compatability  in regards OS, performance etc. Been using this client for some time and love it.

I have to second what has already been said; it is an excellent application. The best option is to install the application and give it a go. The first 30 days are unrestricted in the number of accounts and features you can use. After that, the Free License is usually sufficient for most personal users.

Older hardware can be an issue if you have a very large database, and you are using the conversation feature in eM Client.