New web host - IMAP backup

I’m using Emclient with an IMAP account and am moving to a new web host. I am obviously wanting to get my emails onto the new server. So, if I do a Emclient backup, will this fully sync and backup all folders? And then is it just a matter of entering the new host’s settings and doing a restore?

Doing a backup will take a snapshot of eM Client, so when you do a restore it will restore it to that exact same configuration. It won’t add to the current database, it will replace it completely.

The easiest way for you to move your emails is to setup the new account in eM Client then move your emails from the old IMAP folders to the new IMAP folders. This can take some time. Finally delete the old account in eM Client.

If your old host is going to close your account before the new one is open, you can move your emails to local folders and delete the old account from eM Client. As soon as the new host is available, you can add that account to eM Client and then move the emails in your local folders to the new IMAP ones.

If you can’t see the Local Folders, you can enable them in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Show Local Folders.