New version problem

When comes the new version from 7.1 out?
“Jaime de los Hoyos
Jaime de los Hoyos Any estimate of when it’s being released? :slight_smile:
22 hrs
eM Client
eM Client Hello Jaime, unfortunately no estimate yet, we are still searching for Italian translators.”

This comes from facebook.

I think this can’t be a good thing to wait for a translation. See my post as idea.…

Thank you

I call BS!

I am runnning the beta and it has an Italian language UI, dating back to V. 7.0.26432. How many new words to translate can there be to have people waiting for months and months. You don’t leave the vast majority of your user base hanging just to wait for a two digit number of Italien words.

There will be other undisclosed reasons for the delay like severe lack of man(or woman-)power and resources.

The German version (beta 7.1) also needs some refinement. But I can live with that, not a real problem, nothing to keep people waiting:

Whatever IM means, it doesn’t mean “new task” (V7.1.29274.0)


This is not a post to have all the errors you can find.

This whas a post to explain to them … ,see my original post.

If you find bugs mail them to them to the beta mailadress and not here on the forum.


Yes, I suspect eM Client is just one person working part time on it.

Sorry to whinge, but if I’d known how slowly it gets updates I might have thought twice about paying for the lifetime updates license.

I don’t like it when a supplier makes an excuse like the Italian translators thing.  It implies they think we are fools, which is disrespectful.  

I am 67, I don’t do liffetime update licences.


They don’t really want to talk about the forthcoming version any longer:

Thanks for sharing this … I was finally fed-up with Outlook, found eM Client last night, and been testing the email functions today.  Overall, I’ve been very impressed and, pending testing of Calendar and Contacts, was on track to buy a lifetime license by the end of the week.  If they are winding down support and updates, I think I’ll shift my effort to finding an alternative (e.g. Thunderbird).

Yep, I’m sorry to say that I have to agree.  I feel a bit stung, to be honest, as I recently paid for the lifetime update license.  

But as far as I can see the developers must have moved on to something else, because there is no reason for updates to take as long as this.  I’m a software developer myself, so I know a bit about it.  I can say with confidence that nobody is working full time on eM Client, or we would definitely have seen some more betas by now, and most likely a new major release.  It’s only an email client, for goodness’ sake.

There is nothing wrong with saying “That’s it, the software is now complete and we won’t be doing any more development.”  Plenty of software companies do it, not least Microsoft when they retire old OSs like XP.

What really hacks me off is NOT telling people that, whilst still taking their money even though you’ve moved on to something else and have no intention of honouring your side of the deal.  At least MS publicises product end dates years in advance.

My hope is that someone will come along and make an offer for the software that these guys can’t refuse.  Perhaps it would get a new lease of life.

There is no indication they are winding down support or updates.  Their biggest mistake is that they announce an estimated time for release of a version and it takes way longer than that.  Thus, expectations are unfulfilled and there is a perception they are doing nothing. Additionally, their participation on this forum tends to decrease as release date approaches, feeding into that perception.

On the bright side, 7.1 beta seems quite stable (at least with gmail), so the final release of 7.1 is not a huge deal to me.

I think there is every indication they are winding down.  

Other indications that they’ve lost interest…  This for instance:

They couldn’t even be bothered to update it when V7 eventually got released.  It’s been on full display now for almost a year.  Is that embarrassing and unprofessional or what?

Here we go - this is the latest official announcement on their “Announcements” page:

11 months ago.  It’s a joke.

Can you honestly say that doesn’t look like they’ve lost interest?  Really??

What usually happens about now, when enough people have ranted about the apparent absence of development effort, is that someone from eM Client pops up in the thread and says “Yes, we jolly well are still working on it, thank you very much, and the next release is imminent!”

I guess what they mean is “working on it half a day per week”. 

This is exactly what happened with the release of 7.0, so I guess I feel that it is business as usual.  In my opinion, there biggest mistake was to undertake a mac os version of the product at the same time as the release of 7.0/7.1 for Windows.  I can’t believe that the mac market would be large enough to risk the Windows user base.

I have literally tried every email client available and eM Client is easily the best, so I’m certainly not ready to throw in the towel at this point.

I agree with you there - I love eM Client.  That’s why I still use it in preference to all others.

But they really do need to attend to things like customer perception.  After all, who leaves an out-of-date announcement for all to see for 11 months?

And I stand by my original point: this doesn’t look like it’s getting full time development effort to me.  

Steve, you could not be more correct on customer perception.  That’s why it is important the users like yourself note that in this forum.  It’s too easy for an eM Client exec/developer to get caught up in the day-to-day and forget about what the customer is thinking.  They definitely need reminding.

Thank you!

In the last few months we had Olivia Rust, Maurice Hester, Ian Cooper and now Russel Markosky speeking for emClient Inc. in this forum. In view of the vast progress they are making it looks like the company is run by student interns that each stay for 1 semester.

Maybe time to Look at Mailbird as a replacement program. They just added a good contact manager that works.

I gave EMC a full 24 hours to see how I liked it.  As to function and form, I was quite happy with it – I *loved* how easy it was to use aliases for sending email – a million fold better than Outlook.  It also didn’t have the problems I’ve had with Outlook for over a year now (deleting mail that doesn’t go to Trash, and moving email that only copies).  However, it gave three significant problems in my IMAP usage:
  1. totally hung on me several times
  2. nearly half the time, moving a folder from one place to another gave an error message; looking on the server showed that it had partially completed, and there was no way to recover it from the client (I had to fix it on the server side).
  3. deleting or moving a folder (when it worked) *sometimes* took as long as a full minute with a message telling me something like “there’s a lot to do” (even if the folder only had two items!); other times it occurred nearly instantly.

My email is around 500GB, I use a *lot* of folders to keep it organized, and my server is MDaemon.  Maybe these things contribute to my experience but, given these 3 issues, there is absolutely NO way I can go with EMC.  I have gone back to Outlook with a fresh install – still has the same problems I noted, but I am used to them and know how to get around the worst of them.

Such a shame – people spend a lot of time in email, yet there isn’t a *great* email client out there to invest time and money into.