New Version 7.1.31849.0 is not good.

Will not save a email to my Documents folder. Says it not there. Also can not do a Backup, says folder is not there. Do not want to lose my emails. Need a fast fix.

I have no such problems with that version.  You can always uninstall that version and reinstall the previous version.  Uninstalling eM Client does NOT remove your data, so it will reappear when you install the older version.  To download an older version, go here:

You get a message that says the My Documents directory doesn’t exist?  Can you post a screenshot of the error?

Can’t get a screen shot of the error.

Have you tried a backup in eM. Also have you tried to save an email to a folder in Documents using Save As. I have two computers and I get the same problem on both.

Yes I have. No such problem.

I also have no such problems.

The way to get a screenshot, is when the error is on the screen, press Alt + Prt Sc. Then paste that into your preferred image editing software and save it. Then you can insert it here.