New user's requested feature list.

I am a new and enthusiastic licensee! I have struggled with Outlook (FAR too complicated and busy), Thunderbird (buggy and difficult), web GMail (ugly, difficult to see and the damn scroll bars have disappeared) and have pined after Outlook Express for years. When I found this and downloaded it, I almost cried…

After a day or so and looking through what others have asked for, here are my requested features:

  1. Notes within the application like Outlook.

  2. Black/white list for images or just remember the senders I allowed. (This may have been implemented, I am not quite sure.)

  3. Customize tool bar: My desired options here are to get rid of items I don’t want/use and to go to icons only.

  4. Option to show/hide items from the left bar (tasks, calendars. contacts.)

  5. I really like the idea of a notes field/attachment that could be associated with a particular message.

  6. Conversation-view is really important.

  7. Reply with just quoted text is also useful.

  8. User-defined “canned responses” feature. Signatures can function like this, but another drop down menu would be nice.

  9. I am not an IM user, and would like to be able to hide those options.

Again, a VERY nice product for us non-power users who prefer simplicity. Keep up the good work!

Andy H

  1. I found #4!

  2. On #7, I meant “selected text” not quoted.

  3. #10 - “send as”, where I can make it appear that messages from gmail come from my work address…

Thanks! Andy H

Good list, Andrew. I believe your #10 is also available, if I understand what you’re asking for. You can set the desired From address on the account settings, general tab for your gmail account. This can be a different address than the gmail account name. There is also an “aliases” button there but I haven’t experimented with that, so don’t know exactly how that works.

One more I would add to your list: be able to launch multiple instances of eM. For example, I would like to have a calendar window and an email window open simultaneously.

Aha! Thanks for the pointer. After I looked at “aliases” it was easy.

I agree with opening multiple windows as a good addition.

Hi, thank you very much for your suggestions. Here are my notes to each point:

  1. Planned

  2. Planned

  3. Planned, but I cannot tell you when exactly it will be implemented.

  4. Planned

  5. Will be implemented in the next major version (6)

  6. Am not sure but I think it is still under consideration

  7. Planned

  8. Which options do you mean?

  9. Opening in multiple windows is still under consideration.

THANKS for your attention. It is good to hear from someone so quickly and responsively. Forget about 9. I have arranged things the way I like them.

No 8 - Canned Response PLEEEEEASE!!!

sorry to revive this old thread. Did they ever implement the canned responses?

Hello Murray,
if by canned responses you mean something like QuickText then this is implemented in the version 7 and is already part of the public BETA version.