New User - Simple Problems (I Hope)

Upgraded to a new version of Windows 10.
Windows Live Mail no longer works.
Tried MailBird. Yuck !!
Liking eM Client.
Worked out most new differences,
Two I can’t figure out.

  1. I receive a forwarded message and I have to click on 3 dots at the bottom of each mail every single time just to view it. How do I make the 3 dots disappear for ALL e-mails and just show the entire forwarded message?

  2. I receive an e-mail with embedded images. I can see the images for that e-mail only or choose to see images in all future e-mails from that sender. How do I see all embedded images for all senders in the future without having a make that selection for all future e-mails. I understand that I do so with a certain risk level but any e-mail program I;vbe ever used let’s me make that choice.