New user - Questions

Hi everyone,
I’m investigating this new (to me) software and have few questions:
1- I was using Outlook 2003 until now. Is it easy to make the transition to all the data (email, calendar, notes, contacts…) to eM Client?
2- Is the latest eM Client version working on Windows 7 still?
3- Is it easy to make the transition from W7 to W10 later?
4- Will I be able to transfer my data from a W7 computer to a W10 different computer?
5- Will I need to repay for the software? what about the lifetime upgrades?
6- Is there a maximum size for the whole data stored with eM Client?
7- Will I be able to transfer my free version to a Pro one with no problem?
8- It seems we can take the Lifetime Upgrades option at anytime. Is it correct?

Once you have installed eM Client, you will have the opportunity to import your data from MS Outlook. Watch this video.


Yes, it is very easy to move eM Client to another computer or upgrade. Best solution is just to use eM Client’s own backup before the upgrade, then restore it afterwards.

If you are using eM Client for personal use only, and you don’t need more than two email accounts, you can use the Free License. If you want to use it for business, need more than two email accounts, or need to use some of the extra features, then you can purchase a Pro License. The Pro License is valid for all releases of the current version. So all 8.x versions. If you want to use it for all future versions as well, so 9.x 10.x etc. then you will need the Lifetime License upgrade.

This is only restricted by your hard disk size.

Yes, they are the same application, with just a different activation key. So if you wanted to upgrade to the Pro version, all you do is change your activation key, and the restrictions will be removed. No need to install anything.

Yes. If you purchase a Pro License and later decide to get the Lifetime upgrade, you can do that.

Thanks Gary for all these precise answers. :slight_smile: