New user questions

Hi -
Here are the questions I racked up so far:

  1. I registered for the old forum and posted a set of questions there. Was my old registration information thrown away? I had to re-register here.
  2. Is there a way for me to show all headers on incoming mail?
  3. If I wish to locate my eM Client in a nonstandard programs folder, is there anything I need to watch out for in doing that? The purpose is to reduce the likelihood it will be impacted by any major computer crash/restore operations.
  4. If I wish to carry out backups by copy-and-paste, what are the folders I need to back up if I wish to never lose any emails or attachments?
  5. In general, in establishing backup or restore procedures, are there any “to be avoided at all cost” issues? For example, with my old email client, if I tried any sort of backup (regardless of method) while the client was in operation, this was ironically pretty much the one thing that could cause me to lose all information (it could corrupt stored email). Is this also the case with eM Client?
  6. Spam filtration methods? I spoke about this with my host and they indicated they are stamping the mail somewhere in the headers, as to whether it is spam and that in theory I could use Thunderbird to filter. Can I also do this with eM Client. In the past I have not used any spam filtration, but it has become too much.

You can login to this forum using the same login name, and then choose to reset the password. A notification will be sent to your registered email address, and after that you can login to this forum as your previous self. Your old posts should already be here under that username.

Yes, right-click somewhere in the header section of the message preview (the from, to, subject section) and choose View Mail Header.

eM Client does not give you the option of installing the application to a custom location, so just accept the standard Program Files (x86) folder. But if you are asking about the data, then your database is already located in the safest location (%appdata%) which is the standard for all new Windows applications. If you reset Windows, this data is not deleted. But it is possible to have the database stored somewhere else if that is more convenient. SSDs are 1000 times faster with read/write, so avoid using old tech hard drives (mechanical) or even network shares. Network shares can be especially troublesome if they are not available when eM Client starts.

It is better to use eM Client’s own backup as this will copy all your data and settings to a zip file in your documents folder. To do it manually, just copy the eM Client folder in your %appdata% location.

Best is to use eM Client’s own backup as this is a SQL database and some files will need to be combined and closed for a reliable backup to be completed. eM Client will need to be closed for you to copy the files manually, but the built-in backup can run while the application is still running or on schedule even when the application is not running.

Cloud backup solutions like Carbonite will not work if eM Client is running, and all you will have are empty files in your backup.

If your email accounts are setup as IMAP (eM Client’s default) you will need to enable the offline option in your account settings, otherwise the backup (manual or built-in) will only have the message headers. If your server is lost and you restore the data from a backup, the message bodies and attachments will not be there.

eM Client has a Spam filter Rule which is enabled by default, and looks at all messages for this header added by your provider. If the message has not already been moved to your Junk folder by the server, then eM Client will do that for you.

Ok, thanks for the prompt replies, it will take me awhile to digest them.

footnote - I am pop3 oriented. I suppose I might try IMAP at some point, but my main use at the moment is simply on one laptop, no cell phone, and then external backup.

another additional question does occur, which is to ask if there is a particular email client that people use on their smart phones in conjunction with em client on their computers? I have an iphone.

There are so many phone apps to choose from, so find something that works for you. Apple’s own email app is probably better than most third party apps, so as you have an iPhone, that might be an option.

If you are going to use email on your phone, then you want to use IMAP instead of POP3 in eM Client. That is because with IMAP you will have a synchronized Inbox, Sent, and other folders shared between the different devices. This means you can begin composing a new message on your phone, then finish it later on your laptop. And if you read a new message on your phone, it will also be marked as read on your laptop.

POP3 does not have the offline option as it downloads the complete message on receipt, so nothing to change in that respect as far as a reliable backup is concerned.

Ok, thanks for the additional replies.