New user questions. Mail arrival notification:

I have 4 mail accounts, but when a new mail arrives, I seem to have to actually ‘open’ each account in turn to find out which account has received mail…! Am I missing something? How come the account receiving the mail doesn’t flag it up in some way? Thanks

There should be an unread count next to each account’s Inbox, or other folders, indicating where the unread messages are.

Gary hi and thanks. I had already discovered the ‘unread’ mail number by each inbox. I just thought there ought to be some way of seeing which account had received mail, without having to ‘open’ each inbox individually.
I have five accounts, which fit ALL fit neatly on the left-hand side of the screen when ‘unopened’. If I have them all ‘open’, in order to see all the inboxes, then I have to scroll down the column to find where the mail has arrived!
I think it would be a great help if eM client could add a marker of some kind to the appropriate unopened mail account. Then we could see all our accounts at once, AND which one had received mail. Do they have a ‘suggestion box’ anywhere?
But thanks again for your reply.

Ah, I see. You mean expanded not opened. :slight_smile:

You want an unread count or notification on the collapsed folders as in this mock-up.

That is not currently possible, but you can use the Unread Smart Folder to see all new emails, and by showing the account column you will see at a glance which account they are from. Not quite the same, I know.

You can make suggestions on this forum the same as when you created this question. Just select the Idea icon. That way others can also vote on your proposal.

Gary hi and thanks for your reply. And I shall use the term ‘expanded’ from now on, if I need to write about that aspect of the interface.
I get your point about using the ‘Smart Folders’ option and will employ that - thought I do think a neater solution could be found.
Thanks also for your explanation of where the ‘idea’ box is located.
My latest ‘question’ would concern deleting multiple multiple mails… without Ctrl/selecting individual mails, and then choosing ‘delete’.
But I have a feeling the answer might be to go to ‘Edit/Select All’, option in the top left corner of the screen, and choose ‘delete’ after that.
If that fails I may be back with a question…!
With thanks for your help.