New User Needs Help - contact/task views going away; POP deletes mail when marked to leave on server, etc..

Trying to make the move away from Outlook and eM looks like a possibility - but a few problems. Maybe they’re easy to resolve?

  1. In the view of contacts there are several sources. If these are unchecked items go away from the view. If all are unchecked, the view ends up with zero content. It stays zero content even when re-checked. This happens with contacts and tasks.

  2. I have POP set to leave email on server, but it deletes it anyway… even if set to leave for 7 days as default. All options delete it from the server - this appears to be broken.

  3. Can’t find a way to turn off the Arrange by Group view which shows “Today” Yesterday" etc… I don’t want that extra space taken up for telling me what i can easily determine by looking at the date.

  4. Mail synchronizes automatically - can’t fidn a way to turn this off so that I can only have it check for email and send when I click the send/receive button.

  5. does not keep my accounts separately, so all folders end up merged into one big folder system… I have 12 email accounts and I can re-organize, but will take a bit of time… Is there a solution for this?

Everything else looks pretty good so far - hoping these noted issues can be resolved.

Thanks for your help.



  1. Tools - Settings - General - General, synchronization “box”

  2. Have you imported your accounts? If so there should be an option to import them into separate folders. Or do you look only under smart folder, because in leftside bar should be all your email accounts.

  3. can you put screenshot of your Tools - Accounts - your account - POP3 settings here?

  4. can you tell me if you are talking about toolbar in calendar view?

  5. this is how it is designed, you have to click back on folder again to show contacts from it, just checking some folder does not mean user wants to see them in that moment.

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    • OK. trying this
  1. Yes, imported all accounts. I didn’t see an option to import into different folders when trying it again last night.

  2. screen shots attached… include the POP3 settings, plus the imported folders… you can see how they are all merged into one big folder rather than separate accounts as noted in Outlook screenshot

  3. not talking of calendar view at all… looking at my email. see screenshots.

  4. When I click away and come back there’s nothing there.

Hoping we can get these worked out - eM is much faster and about 1/3 the data used by Outlook.

Thanks for your help,

So, i captured all the screen images and put them in a doc. But your form won’t allow docs to be uploaded. So I extract them. Now they’re too big…

Will have to try again later when have more time

em-1 - screenshot of POP3 settings

em-2 - the “Today” “Yesterday” view that I’d like to simply show dates. In other apps this is under Arrange By - Show in Groups.

em-3 - shows how folders from different accounts all show up in one big larger folder rather than remaining organized by account.

em-4 - view from MS Outlook of how the accounts are displayed (compare to em-3)

Oh I see, so you have chosen to use local folders instead of crate separate folder for every account.

you will have to reimport your accounts with proper option.

Are you pro user by any chance, I have just realized that otherwise you would be unable to use 12 accounts - or are you at demo period currently?


i’m in demo mode testing to see if it works first.

i did not choose anything at all regarding folders. there are zero options on the Import dialog window… just pick what to import - that’s it.

if there’s a way to put in folders please tell me before i try again as it takes all night to reimport.

Try to use import as whole account, this happens when you want to import only folders.

Anyway if you will write me step by step how you have achieved this I will be ale to provide better help with this.