New User import or restore

I am a long standing existing user of eMClient, but because of Windows 11 problems I have had to set myself up as a new user in Windows. As the new user, I am setting up a new eMClient account because I cannot easily access the old account with my former Windows username. How can I import or restore all my emails, inboxes, local folders, contacts etc from my previous eMClient account which was backing up to my PC? The other difficulty is I had to set up a new Backup folder previously for my former eMClient backup, so it’s not in my Documents folder but elsewhere. At the moment I cannot get File>Restore to recognise the backup zipped file it created in that new location and there is no suitable item listed in Import. Sorry it’s rather complicated. Help please!! Thanks Bruce Henderson Smith

If you have a backup zip file, place it in …\Documents\eM Client\ then in eM Client go to Menu > File > Restore.

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Gary, you are a star!! Reverse thinking. I was trying to get eMClient to access the backup file where it actually was, and it didn’t like it, which is fairly sensible from a software point of view. I never thought of moving the backup to where eMClient was expecting it to be! Worked a treat and now after a minute or so, one happy bunny. Thank you very much indeed. I still rate eMClient very highly even if I am a simple user (probably in both ways).