New User confusion

Not recognizing an account that has been set up!
I have downloaded eM, installed it, entered its activation number. When I attempt to send an email, it tells me “There is no account set up. Please add an account first in order to send emails.”
On the Mail list it shows “local folders” where I think my name should be. the Inbox contains 3 downloaded emails addressed to me.
   Under ACCOUNTS, is shows my email address and MAIL. In the GENERAL tab it shows my name and email address.
   I have closed and opened the program several times.
   Is there a quick fix to get this “identity” problem fixed?

A quick addition as follow-up. I did a restart on my laptop. When I launched the program again, there was an email from a friend in my INBOX. So I am receiving emails, but I continue to get the identical message when I attempt to send an email!!

Hi John,
the problem might be with your outgoing server. When the error pops up, can you open the Tools > Operations > Log window and copy its contents for me?