New Update does not work

I am using 7.2.33974.0 on Windows 7 Pro 64-bit without a problem.  Now, every day, I keep seeing that Update 7.2.33988.0 is available BUT no matter how many times I click “Yes” to install it, nothing happens !!!

Hi Dave,

It seems that automatic update is not working.
If you don’t want to see the message  untick Update
or if you want to pick an updated version go here

Many thanks for your reply, although!

  1. Update was/is not ticked but the notification appears anyway
  2. Why do I see an update (number) notification that has been superseded?
  3. the later version has been successfully installed

Best regards
Dave B

You’re Welcome…
I totally agree with points 1.  & 2. - Had looked at similar reported posts and found no satifying answer  ,so moved on to - what was also supplied by Gary Curtin- our faithful help in need - the link to the release versions…
Sometimes bashing your head against the wall doesn’t work …

At least you’ve got a newer version installed and know where to go
in case you need it…

Hi Dave & Digger,

Please check if the option “use system notification” is checked in Menu > Tools > Settings > Notifications. Then, the update from eM Client program should work.


Sorry to be a p.i.t.a., but there is no option you describe in that window, neither for “default”(above the list box)  nor the 2 email addresses that I have configured there under “General/Notifications”.  Do you have the correct description?  Am I looking in the correct place?

Same for me - No option to “use system notification:” since it’s not there…

Using latest version  7.2.34062.0

This is the tools>settings dialogue on my machine (7.2.34062, Win10)

Vairy interesting “pefunk” - I too am using that same version BUT that lower [boxed] option is missing!  My Windows 7 Pro (64-bit) is clearly not the same as your Windows 10.

Pic below! 

Next steps “on a postcard” please!

Hi, all I can say is Ditto for me - also on  Win7 -64.

Actually , that choice disappeared a few versions ago - can’t remember which one.

Looked it up and may have been since
Wednesday, November 21, 2018
7.2.33988.0   most likely…
Thursday, November 22, 2018

Looked it up again and this is what I wrote  “2 weeks ago”

Anyway, in the latest version v7.2.33888.0 , I don’t even  see the choice
in that panel to use System sounds.
You can still do it via the redirect function to  different sound files.

Thread -

I do hope that the programmers of this software are among the readers/monitors of this thread - perhaps they will find out why that option does not appear for Win 7 Pro and rectify it in a new version !!!  Here’s hoping!

Same problem here. Im using currently ver. 7.2.33988.0,Im get a notification about ver. 7.2.34062.0. No chance for install the new version. Window 7, 64bit.


Hi. if you desperate to update :slight_smile: go here

If you want to leave well enough alone - ok too  …

Windows 7 here, too. New update does not install when selected.

I have install the new build manually over the older version without problems.