New update available

How do I get rid of “New update available” pop up? Can I expect a response from eMClient?

This is not a reply. I get the same issue: stupid update messages that lead to nowhere. When I select “Yes” answer to update it copies something from the Internet and does nothing. When I decide to do an update manually by copying setup.exe and launching it, it reports of wrong software version.

Have you hired Indians? Usually, this is the reason. They start to code crap into the software. Perhaps, it is the right time to switch to some other mail client…

Acording to Russels post there is a new version out today, which fixes the problem:
The supplied link in that post leads to the download of a file setup.msi. One can only guess, which version it is. Obviously it is newer than the latest version published here:
It would be extremely nice and reassuring for customers to be able to see from the filename what app and version they are installing on their PC.