new update 7.2.34062.0 notification won't install

Every time I open up eMclient a window opens with the update notification. I click on ‘yes’ nothing happens. I click on ‘more info’ ans nothing happens. This happens every time I open eMclient


If you wish to update, please check our release history at:


Hi Russell … thanks for the info … but it doesn’t tell me why links in the dialogue window informing me there’s a update don’t work.

I am having the same issue - when clicking ‘yes’ to update, the window just fades away and emClient doesn’t update.

Exactly, the same thing every time I open the program. So how about it, eMC, anyone reading this who knows what’s going on and how to fix it?

i’m experiencing the same problem.  Windows 7

Windows 7, here too.

Same here - Windows 7 Premium…eMC, we’ve given you a fixed data point, give us a fix.

I am the same …everytime I open emclient a square down the bottom …update new version I click yes but it still opens next time uhhhhhh …so sad no support with emclient Take your money and don’t give a f…

Latest version for windows…

For mac…

Click on the blue version number to get the download

Hi all,

This was just a minor glitch with this specific update but the update from the Release history worked as usually. Now this issue shouldn’t reappear.