New trial user with a big problem - all email deleted from POP3 host-server

I installed the trial version today (win10, all updates). My several IMAP accounts were migrated from Thunderbird without a problem, however my two POP3 accounts have a major problem.

At this moment my eM has all my email from the two POP3 accounts, but all the messages were deleted from the server. Ouch!  I had set my POP3 accounts to retain messages on the server in question, specifically so that could access them from other devices (such as my phone).

How can I push these 1000+ messages back up to the server? The only copy I have now is the copy in the eM client.

Whatever you do, don’t delete the POP3 account from eM Client, as it will permanently delete those messages.

First, you need to change the eM Client settings so that it does not delete the messages from the server. This is the same kind of thing as you probably have done with your phone. In Menu > Tools > Accounts, find the POP3 tab for your account, and scroll to the bottom.

Untick to remove messages from the server.

Next, setup the same account in eM Client but as IMAP. Once the account is setup, copy all the POP3 Inbox messages to the IMAP Inbox. Once that has completed syncing, you can remove the IMAP account as the Inbox messages will again be on the server.

Good day Gary

Wow. What a simple, elegant and effective solution. I am embarrassed that I did not think of it myself! 

It didn’t occur to me that I could configure two accounts within the eM client, each configured differently, to address the same email account. This operation is now complete and it worked perfectly.

I am very grateful for your good idea. Thank you… I have conserved email going back to 2003.

Can you speculate as to why eM presumed that this account was setup as POP3? Now that I check more carefully, I see that I have been accessing it with IMAP on all my devices. Why would it have deleted the messages from the server? It must have something to do with the auto-migration from Thunderbird… I bet that the script interrogated the server and decided “POP3” when in this case IMAP would have been the better choice.

Thank you again for your prompt and correct reply!


I think you are correct Joe, there may be some issues with migrating. :wink:

Well, either way, thank you again for your help. That was a near-death experience for me!  Have a good week.