New to eM Client and can not create an e-mail in one of my two accounts

I have just installed eM Client and have imported data from 2 WLM accounts. All my messages and folders for both accounts are now in eM Client. However, when I go to create a new e-mail it only shows 1 account in the drop down account list in the new e-mail toolbar. How can I get it to allow me to compose and send a message in my second account?

Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts, and add the second email account by clicking on the +

Both of my accounts are already there and all the WLM old and new messages are there. However. when I click on the button to create a new e-mail only one of my accounts is listed. If I go to the Account list both are listed but only one says that I can receive and send e-mails the other just says I can receive e-mails. If I click on one account in the accounts window that opens in settings it has a tab for both POP and SMTP but with the other account it only has a POP tab but I can not find any way to get into the settings to modify anything.

Scroll down to the bottom the the account settings General Tab.

Tick the SMTP option. You may have to additionally enter the SMTP details for your server in the SMTP tab when it appears.

This is where the problem lies. At the bottom of this General Tab there is only a box for POP3. There is no box to tick for SMTP. With my other account there are both of these boxes showing and are ticked but not for this 2nd account, just the POP3 box.

OK, then the best thing to do is to remove the account, and add it again.

If you have any emails in that account’s folders, you need to move or copy them to other local folders before you delete the account. Also, making a backup before deleting POP3 accounts is a good idea just in case.

See the Help (F1) under Accounts > Create New Account, if you have difficulty setting up a POP3 account.