New theme - FB

I’ve designed a theme with a bit higher-contrast and standard scrollbar, based around a somewhat popular (:p) social media site. 

This was created for version 7.0.26861.0; I have no idea if it will work with other releases. (Someone mentioned in another thread that the official releases don’t recognize the scrollbar code that reverts to a system scrollbar, so YMMV).

The theme can be downloaded here:

I’ve re-organized the code and added comments to better describe what some of the attributes actually control. In addition, I’ve grouped all of the main colors at the top in a comment block. Rather than locating and modifying each individual (and obscure) element, you can globally change the colors in the list for much faster modification. BTW - Using Notepad+ with the XML template makes things much easier.


Very nice. Best theme so far…

Congrats! I liked it very much.

For people using glasses could have more readability 
I wish a 2nd version of CAS-FB
with darkened menu views, shadeless mail list,
white"eM Client" characters at top,
and white minimize-maximize-close buttons.


Unfortunately, there is no way to change the top characters color (which irks me to no end). Just one of the many glitches I’ve discovered with this new GUI/template implementation.

I’m currently working on several more themes, that may address some of your other wishes.  ;)

As for the shades in the grid, you can disable that in the settings…  Appearance > Lists > “Use alternating colors for rows”. You can also turn off the grid lines there as well. 

Thanks, I did it now…

Hello Calan,
thank you for taking your time in creating this very nice theme. We’ve checked out your notes and would like to address them.

Some of your issues have already been resolved in the newest version of v7 - please download it here:…
So if you wish, you can try perfecting parts of your theme on this version.

This version should offer solutions to your notes
#1(“Ok” button in dialogs uses tabstrip button formatting),
#3(No control over alphabetical search bar in contacts),
#4(No control over the text color in form titles)
#10(No control for caption buttons on child forms).
#11 (No control of messages panel background color) has been improved, but might be merged better in future update.

Some issues, unfortunately, cannot be resolved at this moment or are meant to be that way. This applies to:
#6 (Grid headers middle gradient value) - this is some kind of Datagrid feature which calculates the middle color between top and bottom colors.
#7 (“New” button in always in the checked state) - the focus is always given to this button by default, similarly to OK buttons in different setup windows.
#8 (No control over icon colors) - yes, icons can only be inverted at this time, no way to change colors.
#9 (New mail form uses toolstrip button formatting.) - there is a toolstrip in formSendMail that is being styled as all others, there are no plans to change this for now
#12 (Arrows in calendar too close to the left sidebar) - this should only happen if you set margin to 0
#13 (Scroll bar in messages panel is different than other scroll bars) - wide scroll bars in Chromium look slightly different

As for the rest of the points, we’d appreciate your feedback and additional information in solving them:
#2 (Icon highlighting for when the mouse is over the bar and over the button are reversed) - can you specify the instance of this? It’s possible this has been fixed as we used to have a problem with icon inverting. Let us know if the issue is still the same in the latest version.
#5 (No control over system button highlight color) - can you specify which section exactly do you mean by this? Screenshot it perhaps?
#14 (Expanded header in sidebar should always be at the top) - not sure what you mean by this one



Thanks so much for responding to this.
On this:

#12 (Arrows in calendar too close to the left sidebar) - this should only happen if you set margin to 0”

What do you mean? I haven’t found any settings for margins.


I’ve actually done a lot more testing and have greatly expanded that list since first posting that theme.  I emailed you guys at "info@… " yesterday with an updated list (30 items I believe), but am still adding to it. The subject was “Several issues with themes that I’ve identified”. You can reply to me via that email if you’d like some more input and testing.

I have another 10-15 themes in the works, and will be looking forward to testing the resolved issues you mentioned. If you guys could knock out a few more on the list I emailed you that would be great.   :smiley:


Do you have a list of new attributes that were added to the .theme files?  I’ve found the ones for the header text color and contacts index bar … which work nicely BTW.  ;)

Just a suggestion, but if you guys would list/describe new functionality and attributes under a “New for version xxxxx” comment block in the theme files, it would make it much easier on those of us making custom themes.

Ok… there is still an issue with the form headers when setting the active and inactive forms to have different header colors (like every Windows application does).

For example:

{light blue}
{light blue}      (this doesn’t seem to have any effect at all)
{dark blue}

The idea here is to have a dark blue background and white text on any form that’s active, and a lighter blue background and gray text on any inactive form. The problem is, the main form’s text background isn’t following the active/inactive status…it’s always tied to the main form header’s initial background color.  So when the main form is active, you end up with a dark blue header, but a lighter blue background around the text.

If you set the main form’s header to always be dark blue, it fixes the text background…but then you never get the main form showing as inactive when a child form is active.

Also, if you open a third window (i.e. open Categories while Operations is shown), the 2nd window border always goes to transparent, regardless of the above values.

You could just make the caption text background to always be transparent. I can’t think of a single case where you would want an ugly rectangular background behind that text that sticks out from the form header.  :)

For the new contacts selector attributes:


you need to add:


… or, make control the selector background in all views. Otherwise, there is no way to match the selector within contacts views. 

Hello Calan,
it will be better to continue this discussion via the mail you sent to info.
We’ll get back to you as soon as our designers give us the answers.