New Task Entry under the right sidebar title "Agenda" doesn't enter "new task" below in the list

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Actually the headline includes the whole description of the phenomena. If I enter a new task in the entry line below the right sidebar title “Agenda”, the task doesn’t appear in the list below.
If I enter a new task via dialogue in the central agenda frame - activated in the bottom of the left sidebar - the tasks appear in the list on the right sidebar.

Anyway: it would be extremely helpful, if I could just enter with a single step a task in the list on the right, without zapping through different states of appearance.

Second, the assignment to, as well as the correction of the category of tasks (cloud folders, shared task folders, local) just via “new task” dialogue - or after having set a task via the activated “task dialogue” - seems a little bit clumsy, it would be nice to have a function to assign tasks directly to any category, just as it is possible in the calendar state (dates can be dragged and dropped to different colored cloud calendars). It’s moreover not transparent, which category (local, cloud) is preset - nor that I found the preference to set this preset manually.

I use emClient 8.0.3494 (01b4e33) on macOS Catalina.

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Answered in your duplicate post:

Maybe I should have commented on this one instead. :wink:

Hi Gary,
thanks for your fast response.

Unfortunately the described solution doesn’t work in my environment.
I see “add new task”, I type something in, I hit enter but the entry doesn’t show up in the list below.
If I change on the left sidebar in task modus, I can see the entry just in my cloud task, not in the local task folder, where it should be.
When I enter in this modus a new task, I can set the folder/cloud task location in the pull down bar, top next to “save and close” - yes. But this is not the issue.

  1. Entry in line “add new task” doesn’t show up in the list below
  2. The list below (on the right) as obviously as strange provides tasks from the local folder (!), not from the cloud
  3. the cloud entered tasks (obviously preset) don’t appear in the list on the right list.

First: preset couldn’t be “none” but must at least in my environment set to something like “cloud folder > XXX”, because there the new tasks are showing up in the task modus (activated on the left side). That’s not transparent.

Clumsy means, if the fast task entry on the right side (“add new task”) doesn’t work - or worse, if I do have to change the accordance, eg family task (cloud) or work task (local) - so I do have to click first the other modus on the left, then klick for “New task” - or the existing task - and then have a detailed dialogue for something which should be made by one click and one entered sentence or task, I call it a little bit clumsy.

Thanks a lot for your answers,

When I use Add Task in the Agenda it puts the task in a task folder which is not showing in Agenda, and so does not show in the list below.

How is it controlled which folder tasks added in this way go into? I have searched Agenda settings and connect see anything.

The task is created in whichever Task folder is currently selected in the Tasks section.

Go to the Tasks section of eM Client, and select a folder that you have chosen to display in the Agenda sidebar.

Now back in the Agenda sidebar, create a new task. What folder is it created in?

Not in the selected folder.
New task is in first folder listed on the list, which is a synced folder.

You are correct, the task is created in the default account when added in the new task box within the sidebar. When you add the task from the New button, it is added to the folder you have selected in the Task section.

I should have clarified that, sorry.