New set-up of EM Client receiving ok, but unable to send mail !

New eM client user, I have set up 2 accounts connecting to tiscali webmail addresses. Both accounts receive mail ok, but I cannot send mail from either. I have run ‘dianostics’ and attempted ‘fix’ to no avail. I’ve tried different ‘smtp’ (outgoing) ports and various authentication/ security combinations, with no success. Error message suggests a ‘certificate’ expiry fault ?? I’m using uptodate windows 10 64 bit, windows firewal and Avira AV Pro.
Any help will be very welcome.

Hello Archie,

Please check if your configuration is same as here:
Renew your certificates or you can use non-secure connection but it is not recommended for security reasons.

Kind regards

I am facing the same problem … till Friday all was working fine … now i am able to recieve mails but able to send … i have reconfigured my email in outlook to check and am able to send and receive … i need an urgent solution

Please provide specific error message or copy from “Log” tab.